This week I’m running a bit off the rails, as I had one of my favorite people in the world over last weekend and missed Farmer’s Market (so worth it though!).  I made a couple of quick trips to the Co op to make a tiny bit of Guest-Food, and am off to the Co op again today to round out my week since I’ve polished off our leftovers. Here’s what I’ve got going:

Breakfasts: Always the same–Smoothies, Granola (I whipped up a new batch–stay tuned for recipe asap), Fruit and Veggie Juices

Lunches: Salads, Falafel (I’m loving this and eating it all the time recently–so easy to pack for lunches too!), Fruit, Zucchini Pesto, Apples and Almond Butter, Seeds, Nuts

Dinners: Falafel  with sauce (hmm…a theme…), Crabcakes, Salads of course, Fruit, Mango Salsa, Spicy Bean Lettuce Wraps

Desert: Chocolate Macaroons (I pulled this easy Youtube recipe, click here for details–nice, to-the-point vid and so easy–4 ingredients! SO GOOD! My fave desert yet!)

My current but always evolving plan is now to prepare three lunch dishes and three dinners each week, and because they always make at least 2 servings each, those are my Mains for the entire week (this week I made a double recipe of Falafel cuz I’m craving it!). Simple. Usually there is quite a bit left over for snacks and that 7th day, but if not there’s always fruit, nuts, juice and seeds aplenty!  Happy Week!

Falafel fresh out of the dehydrator, "yogurt" garlic sauce and salad! Ahhhh....