For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in love with… The Makeover. Ahhhh…that idea of transformation–the “before” and “after.” I love it! I’m a sucker for shows like The Biggest Loser, Kitchen Nightmares and Extreme Makeover; the concept of raising the bar and changing our lives simply because we want to is so inspiring. In his book Wealth Warrior, author and coach Steve Chandler quotes philosopher William James,

To change one’s life, start immediately, do it flamboyantly, no exceptions.

Why not change our lives? Why not be who really are and do what we really want to do?! And why not start right now?? That’s what it all comes down to: the Now. This moment. Right here. That’s the thing about the present moment; we either cultivate awareness of our lives as they’re happening moment-by-moment and live from our hearts–from love, or we avert our attention and live from the past, from old stories–from fear. We can drop those stories (“I’m too busy,” “I don’t have enough money,” “I’m too old to start something new”), focus our attention on the Now, and choose to be who we know we are and do what we know we are drawn to do.

When we forget to focus on the present moment, we hit cruise control and act out of habit. It’s not that old patterns take a long time to change, it’s that we need practice sustaining a conscious awareness of the Now, because it’s in that moment, in this moment, that we are simply BEing, free of past and future, free to live from our hearts. Old patterns are simply a resistance or lack of awareness around staying present to what is, right now, and knowing we are free to do whatever our hearts desire. It’s true that some transformations can take time, such as weight loss or learning to fly a plane, but that time passes anyway, and the truth is that once we’ve set our hearts and minds on our new reality, we’re already there; it’s just the circumstances that take a little time to come into alignment.

Being who we want to be comes down to the willingness to be present with ourselves so that we are available to make the decisions that emanate from our hearts and to practice this, over and over and over again, everything else be damned. Nothing’s holding you back but you. Nothing’s holding me back but me. Go William James all over this shizz by starting immediately, and doing it flamboyantly. No exceptions. The ultimate makeover is the one that happens the moment we truly understand that we’re free, every moment, to be who we really are and do what we really want to do. LiveLove&BU


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