The infinite power of silence doesn’t get enough, well, airtime. Which, in a roundabout way, is exactly the point. How, in this world of 24/7 entertainment, social media, news, programming, achievement, cost/benefit equations and do, do, do, can something as subtle as silence be honored (by talking about it?) or even acknowledged?

Musicians will always tell you that the rest (read: silence) is as important as the note. YES. As in life: the silence is as important as the sound. Sound cannot exist without no-sound and vice versa; you cannot have one without the other.

Talking is fabulous. Therapy is fabulous. Singing, cutting up and even burping, on occasion, can be fabulous. But silence, now there’s something we often don’t recognize as just as important as the noise. This week on his calls, Kyle talked a lot about giving and receiving. “You can’t receive more than you give,” he pointed out, and vice versa.

If talking, singing, writing etc. is an offering, silence, then, is a powerful kind of receiving. In true immersion in (or rather merging with) silence we experience the “I am”, or BEing.

In silence, unadulterated observation of self (and other, for that matter) is made possible. Which is why we often meditate in silence. While guided meditations and visualizations serve a purpose, meditating in silence allows the observation of what is there and provides space for it to be impartially observed and accepted. Because the judger can be observed (which means it is not ME), the judged (also not me) can be freed of judgement (still not me) and be truly seen and thus spontaneously release.

Yes, it is only the ego that accepts and releases, but while I am in form, the game (for me at least) is to become free of as much ego manipulation as possible and thus to LIVE freely in joy and love. 

If I am focused on the energy of my body, on what IS right NOW, silence is always a meditation.

Here are a few gifts from the world of silence that are always available to us to take us deeper into the moment, into the reality of who we are:

  • Time does not exist
  • Stillness/observation+acceptance=love
  • I am a pinhole of light and universal love, an aperture of consciousness within itself
  • Nothing has anything to do with me
  • Self is fiction
  • Everything exists as it is without my opinion or input
  • “I” is actually the gratitude of experiencing the joy of form
  • True action is always inspired beyond the control of the mind

Aligning our attention and thus experience with our inner truth rather than the white noise of “outside”, we notice LIFE.

  • Watch (or better, hug) a tree: see if you can actually discern and physically feel the flow of life in the tree
  • Observe the energy in the body
  • Really see someone else without any input at all
  • Meditate in silence
  • Play dead (observe something while pretending your time on Earth has passed and you’re watching a post-you scene)

Reception: Ram Dass comments that one of the most seductive beauties of a guru is that here is someone who is in full knowledge of all that is “me” (what we as the identity are most proud of and also most ashamed of and everything else in between), and looks at me, still, with unconditional Love. This is the silence that hears, sees and knows all, and accepts everything with Love–this IS actually the only True Love.

Expression: There is a place where inspired expression and silence are the same thing, but in this cacophonous world we tend to believe we inhabit, we can benefit from recognizing the power of silence in itself.


And now, my dears, I’m inspired to receive some silence myself.

In silent appreciation, LiveLove&BU


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