Not until the middle of Party in the USA┬átoday, straddling the seated row machine, delt-stretching, did I come to. Yeeesss…Miley Cyrus…and your point is? Anyway. 12:30 P.M. Wow. Up until then I was all thought. All in my head. All unconsciously unaware and unpresent. It’s amazing how much of life we can daze through, or worse, just think through. Not experiencing. Not feeling. Not BEing. Tomorrow morning’s assignment: 1). Open eyes. 2). Get Present. Though I know lots of you don’t need it, for me this almost always means meditation. I require this stillness to get out of my head and be able to really drop into myself–I tend to Pisces downstream into my thoughts, writing, and even working out apparently, and suddenly it’s 6 P.M. Autopilot’s an amazing thing, but I want to be awake and aware, in the driver’s seat as much as possible sans auto-zombie. So here’s my invite to you and to myself: as soon as possible after waking up (sometimes I’ve got to let the dogs out first and down a juice), do whatever it is you need to do to drop in, to ground yourself, and to get rock solid present. Let me know how it goes. Rockit. LiveLove.