I’m really enjoying preparing food lately, which makes it all so much easier! I seem to go into slumps where it all just seems like a chore, and then back up to where it’s fun again. I guess like everything else, food prep has its cycles, or rather, my feelings about it does. Since I’ll be volunteering at the Wildlife Care Association on Sunday mornings now (yippee!!), I’m fresh outta luck for Sunday Farmer’s Market. There are others around town during the week, but for now, I’m back at the Co op where I have to be pretty careful, spending-wise. I came in at just over $100 this week, even with making very simple meals and using a lot of what I’ve already got.

Breakfasts: You know the drill–Green Smoothies, Juices and Granola–Oh and HUGE Grapefruit!

Lunches: Chicken Fingers (leftover), Salad (Red Leaf!), Tomato Stacks, Cheddar Cheese and Chia Crackers

Dinners: Crab Cakes (oh-so-good), Portabello Steak, Pesto Mushroom Madness (see photo), Spaghetti with Marinara

Snacks: Apples, Ice Cream, nuts and seeds! Maybe Chocolate Macaroons if I’ve got the ingredients

That’s it! Live Love–Happy Memorial Weekend!

Mushrooms in the sale bin equal one of my favorite snacks–Pesto Mushroom Caps!