Sometimes we tell ourselves stories about our lives. Wait, what am I saying? Most of the time we tell ourselves stories! Until we stop. Though I’m much freer of the story thing than in the past, I still find myself telling stories in my head, but the difference now is that I know I’m doing it–which is kind of like playing Marco Polo with your eyes open. I can’t kid myself anymore and pretend not to know where I am or go looking for you when I already know where we both are–which is… right. about. here. and right about now. My funk soul bruthuh. I can examine my life, or someone else’s, and find proof for or against just about anything. You can too. Every action that was ever committed to with intention came from that story, and every interpretation of every action came from that story. Unless it didn’t (see next paragraph). From 9/11 to why you haven’t returned my call: stories. I need to fly this plane into this building because it is my duty, or…you didn’t return my call because you secretly don’t really like me. Is there anything else but story??

Yes. There’s Love, and there’s Now. If we’re doing something simply because we love to do it, devoid of story…well, there’s your not-story. If we’re aware in the present moment (which is the only place we can consciously live and love from), experiencing our lives as they unfold moment by moment, that’s what’s really there. Sure, lives get built around stories, but those stories can also be let go of, and we can start to realize we’ve got freedom and choice within every moment. Despite the circumstances of our lives, even if we’re in prison, we can choose our internal state. We can choose from love, not fear, from expansion, not limitation. We can. No matter what the old stories were or how long we’ve believed them, we can let them float away into the ether and be here, now, and experience our lives as they’re happening, rather than from behind the filter of the stories.

Letting go of what others think (a story), of our judgements on ourselves (a story), our expectations (a story) and our beliefs about why we are the way we are and do the things we do (a story), and why others are the way they are and do the things they do (another story), can be released, whether or not we find these stories “true” or not. That’s neither here nor there. A story doesn’t have to mean a fictional account, it just means that we’re caught up in a repetitive habit of thinking, we’ve bought into emotional attachment to a specific interpretation of a situation and always, always, that we’re not focused on the present moment. What happens if we let the stories go? Our egos struggle, because that’s where they live, in that story. But the REAL us lives in this moment, and bringing our conscious presence back to this moment, away from the stories of the past and the future, is how we free ourselves to live conscious, true lives. Choosing to be present, choosing to stick with ourselves in the face of whatever happens, choosing to act from the love that we are, choosing acceptance of what’s happening right here, choosing “now” over stories is our way through and out of suffering. But we like stories, they’re comforting, and they make the world feel like it makes sense; they seem like they help, and they’re a hard habit to break. But they’re addictions, and like all addictions, they eventually drain us of our power, and they enslave us. I pick free. Marco? LiveLove&BU


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