I’m looking at it right now: preceding my website, christyharden.com, in the search bar, is this phrase: Not Secure. Well. Thank you very much. As if I needed a reminder of all these things:

  1. I’m insecure. Like, I want people to like me. Still. Sometimes. Yah, I know already.
  2. There IS no actual security.
  3. My website could disappear at any moment, just like I could.
  4. Not safe…my website, my persona, my form, everything and everyone I love…
  5. NOT SECURE: like a stamp on my file in big capitol letters–whack!–like I’m committed (as in a psychiatric institution–not that there’s anything wrong with that–wait, what?) and that’s my diagnosis. Forever. In RED.

Fine. I accept. I agree. Now let’s get on with life already, yeah? Close the file, close the case. Escape the institution. Freeeeeeeeee…