Here’s what I’m creating moment-by-moment in my life:

1. Free Time: Lots of unspoken-for time. Time to be, without external commitments. I know this is where my creative ideas, schemes and projects come from and this is something I value extremely highly in my life experience. Plus it’s my rabbit-hole, my rejuvenation space and my super-fun zone!
Translation: Lots of time alone. Time playing. Unstructured time. Reading, observing. Just BEing.
2. Total Freedom: Being present, here, now without attachment to thoughts and emotions about the future or past. Total freedom to be who I am in this moment.
Translation: “Plans” are for carrying out ideas and projects, or for making fun lunch dates with friends, or for going to Santa Monica pier or the beach. Plans are not for trying to control the future, and to feel more secure. I don’t want to make plans about where to live in a year, etc.,: it’s all fantasy—when it’s time to do something, I’ll know and I’ll do it.
3. Total Responsibility: Everyone is responsible for their own experience, no matter what the circumstances.
Translation: Whenever I become aware to do so, I take responsibility for identifying my thoughts and emotions, and accepting and experiencing them rather than resisting them or acting them out. Others are responsible for their own experiences, thoughts and emotions. I will not try to manipulate in any way how others feel about me, about how they feel about my experiences or their own.
4. Total Intuitive Inspiration: Connection.
Translation: I do whatever is necessary for me to be connected with who I really am and have my attention on the present moment and in my body. I do what I feel inspired to do when I feel inspired to do it. Everything is path.
5. Expansion of Awareness: My one path is expanding awareness in everything: Truth. There is nothing else.
Translation: My only heart-priority is to continue to wake up to the one moment. That’s it. Love. To come to the moment curious, clear and open. And when I’m not curious, clear or open, then to be real with that and just be there. My priorities are not to feel good, not to try to make others feel good, not to validate my perceptions of myself or to validate others’ perceptions of themselves. Not to obtain “security.”  Not to look good to others or to gain approval from others. My work is to truly see my perceptions as illusions and process emotional charges as they come up, experiencing it all in the present moment and connecting with the joy of being.
What’s your manifesto?


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