It’s Spring again and my lovely dovey couple are back, chibbering to each other on my windowsill, alighting on the open shower window frame, and peering sideways at me through my living room window, about 6 inches from my desk, twiddling twigs in their beaks. I love these guys. Last Spring they brought their two babies to my windowsill each morning and returned periodically, every hour or so, to shove something appetizing down the kids’ throats. I was their day care. So happy they seem to have chosen me, I’ve chosen them back, and enjoy their peaceful company and coos. Every time I think about the possibility of moving, it is these two I would miss most. Who would be here to appreciate them? What if whoever moved in was a dove-hater and shoed them away, or worse, after they’ve grown to trust me so wholeheartedly, even with their children? Yipes. Well, I’m not moving in the near future, so I don’t need to think about it.

The next to last place I lived in, another dove couple built a nest outside my kitchen window and raised two (eventually enormous) children. I’d poke my head out and say hello periodically throughout the day. When someone or something ousted the nest one fateful day, I was sad for a month. So I was so happy when the current pair took up residence on my window ledge last year, and am extremely pleased to welcome them back again. I don’t want to name them or ascribe personalities, I just want enjoy them. Fellow beings I respect and love. In the end, The Little Things are The Big Things. Peace, Love, Be You.