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Raw Life; It’s not just about the food. Everything is food.

How are you either depleting or nourishing your one body and spirit, in your one magical Life? As animals who evolved in nature, when we are not living in tune with and connected to that nature and with our True Nature, flow is impeded and dis-ease/disease ensues. Healing on all levels requires a return to alignment with natural rhythms and ways of being. Flow can then return and inherently peace, harmony and health may be restored through the wisdom of the body. This elevated state will then be reflected in our relationship with Everything as we graciously assume our humble place as part of the fabric of Life. I combine the magic of reconnection with Real Food, Intuitive Self, and Nature to return us to our birthright of True Health and reawaken our natural awareness of interconnectedness, kinship and fluidity with all of Life.

Why Do I Do This?

Because I love it. Because it’s fun to feel truly alive and good and free in this body and to share what I know. I love to create beautiful spaces–whether that’s within the physical body, a room, online or in every kind of relationship–within the inherently beautiful space of Life.

A mess is merely the opportunity to create a beautiful space.

1-on-1 Raw Food Consulting

Want to assist your wise body in freeing itself from pain and limitations? Love to incorporate more raw foods for incredible health benefits but don’t know where to start? Confused by a plethora of conflicting health messages? Have specific questions and concerns? With 10+ years as a raw vegan, I am also a certified Raw Food Health Educator and love to assist as you level up your health. Book one consult session or ongoing support.

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I write about my reconnection experience–to Now, to True Self, Life, Health, Nature, True Nature and Reality (all one and the same!). Whether it’s connection via increased awareness, vibrant foods, my own wise body, or Mother Nature herself (also all synonymous!), I’m finding my way back to Here and Wholeness. Come with me.

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We are Nature, but most of us live in a dream and have forgotten this. Reacquainting ourselves with our own True Nature, including nourishing our wild natures with Nature via reconnection with the Earth, the reality of this moment and the simplicity and healing magic of raw foods returns us to the Life that we are and to our Home. I offer courses as a vehicle to share and support returning to Being/Living from your wild, wise Self.

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