Well, I love this! Sometimes I tire of preparing food, and/or find myself dishing up the same three or four meals over and over and over .  Preparing food for one can be boring and annoying. Sure, it can also be fun and full of freedom, and I’m often just as happy and grateful to pick up an avocado, an apple and some almonds, or swirl up a green smoothie and call that dinner. But lately I’m bored with what I’m eating. Concurrently, saddened by the impending closures of CafGraf, I thought, “why not make it Cafe Gratitude everyday!!!??” I pulled their recipe book off my shelf and decided to make three recipes a week: two entrees and a desert. Well, fine. The entrees were doable. The deserts…were not. Too many ingredients, too much time (which I’m sure is why their deserts are off-the-charts amazing). So I swooped over to The Green Boheme for desert instead and found, to my delight, a new info card on the table: Freedom to Eat: Pre-Paid Weekly Mean Plan! For cripes sake! For $107 per week ($119 if paid weekly instead of monthly), Brooke and her wonderful staff provide 7 days of meals and snacks! For a bit more, they’ll prepare meals, snacks, smoothies, juices and pro-biotic beverages for the week. I jumped on that right away. The more I can keep my rear out of the grocery store the better, as I tend to impulse-shop, despite all my best intentions, and spend ghastly amounts of cash on food. So, this is my new plan, and so far, I’m loving it! Yesterday I picked up my first order (pickups Thursdays and Sundays, with fluctuations for holidays), and happily stashed the (glass–yay eco awareness!) containers in the fridge: spinach soup, tostada, wellness burger, green salad, veggie sandwich, gingerbread cookies, ice cream and cran-orange granola. I can’t imagine what a boon this service would be for someone just beginning to give raw foods a go. For me, I love the fact I’ll be getting more variety than when I make my own food, with local, organic, gluten-free, seasonal ingredients. And it’s my dream come true: my own personal chef! Thank you Brooke!! You just made my life easier and healthier. Cheers!

Get more info here: http://www.thegreenboheme.com/