My moods change like the weather: this morning I awoke from a dream heartsick and homesick. An hour of editing and a magical, fortuitous note later–the sky has opened up! I’m eating a tiny peach from the tree outside my window, writing in the sunshine with my dogs and wondering how I ever got so lucky; life is good.

The problem (if there is one, really) is that we want to hold on to the “good.” But it only sours on our tongues. Another hour of writing in the sunlight, consuming peaches and I’ll be stiff, disgruntled, sunburned and stomach-ached. Everything, my darlings, is fleeting.

Eckhart Tolle (and once, for me, a miniature demon through blinds and a drunken haze) stated,

Everything is honored, but nothing matters.

Indeed. Nothing matters. Honor everything. It comes and it goes, like the tides; there is no holding the wave upon the sand (who was that? Ah, The Sound of Music–that frolicky Maria we could all learn so much from). Moonbeams…hands…you remember.

Like Camelot, we’re here for one brief, shining moment and then we’re gone. A moth’s life. I forget so easily.

Do what you love if for no other reason than it reminds you that life is good, that life is short. Less complaining, more shining. More magic. Enjoy. LiveLove&BU


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