Farmer’s Markets

This is going to be short: shop your local Farmer’s Markets! Not only is the selection of organic, in-season, local produce incredible, but the community experience is heart-healing and fun! My great friend Carey and I hit the Sunday Farmer’s Market here as often as we can, and always enjoy spending time together while we shop in the open air. We invariably come home with great produce at a much reduced rate from the local co op, and I’m often inspired by available ingredients to whip up something I might not have thought of otherwise. Support local farmers! We need them!

Urban Wildlife

Sacramento boasts tons of local wildlife. Well, maybe it doesn’t always boast, but I do. I always have my eye out for anything that moves, and a lot of time it’s a fascinating creature (I often see creatures when they’re not there in fact, including the time I thought that a purple cabbage in the bowling alley—-what?!?—was a half a duck—yes, I was sober, don’t ask). If you read my initial welcome post, you know I see lots of animals, birds, fish, insects…lots of friends in this city. I can always reenergize myself by simply looking up from my computer into the trees outside my windows, and if I see a bird (two days ago an enormous hawk landed right outside my kitchen!) or a bug, all the better.