Drop It

My wonderful old friend Kim recently asked me to submit an entry for her zine, Toil. I’m still not certain which path I’ll take for my article, but the theme? Starting Over. Easy. And at the same time, oh so difficult. We start over every day, every year, every month, every moment–if we’re good at it.…

Beware of Sneaky Crazy

So here’s what I’d like to address in this blog post: Craziness. Not your average kook-on-the-street-yelling-to-himself-mental-illness crazy—but self-induced-food-crazy (SIFC). It can really sneak up on you, take it from me:  I recently had to reel myself back from the brink of SIFC, and it wasn’t a pretty thing. I even learned from my friend Julie that there’s an actual label for SIFC (other than, thank you, SIFC), and it’s a condition called Orthorexia Nervosa —here’s a definition out of Wikipedia: