Give the Gift of a Magazine Subscription for the Holidays! Just Not THIS one….

Prelude: Last night I gleefully tucked into a few past issues of National Geographic (after artfully ignoring its faithful arrival in my mailbox every month for almost a year) and later, still in a magazine mood, flipped through an entire issue of Woman’s Day, which I wholeheartedly despise for it’s hearkening-back-to-the-50’s crap. I have no…


Since I’m out of school now, I’m not using MLA format to list resources, dammit! I’m simply listing title and author: freedom!!! Hit me up if you can’t find one of these by Googling it and I will give you more info. Many of these are classics, and oft-referred to in my home. Most should be available on Amazon–check it out for more inclusive info on each item.