This Week’s Raw Vegan Menu!

This week I’m keeping it really simple. Breakfasts: Same as always, Smoothies, Juices, Fruit and Granola Lunches: Guacamole, Chips, Tomato and Onion Salad with Parsly, Pasta with Sundried Middle Eastern Marinara Dinners: Mushroom Ranch Burgers, More Spicy Bean Lettuce Wraps (can’t get enuf of this right now!), BBQ Chicken Fingers Snacks: Fruits, nuts, seeds, green…

What Do I Juice?

Hi All! Several people recently asked me what I juice in the morning, so I thought I’d write a quick post (check out the new video for green smoothies too!). Generally, I use what I’ve got. That being said, I do shop weekly for juicing items, so I’ve usually got what I need. I spend…

Tiny Juicer

Tiny Juicer, a Juicer for Money, Juice What You Want Me To Juice

Quick review of a tiny product I LOVE: my little citrus hand juicer!

I resisted buying a citrus hand juicer for the longest time (what’s wrong with the hand itself??), until I spotted this cute little guy for sale at the thrift store for a sweet 45 cents (also I can’t resist anything orange…).  My little mystery juiceroo has absolutely zero identifying information on it, so this isn’t a review for a particular brand, just for the item itself.