This Week’s Raw Vegan Menu!

This week I’m keeping it really simple. Breakfasts: Same as always, Smoothies, Juices, Fruit and Granola Lunches: Guacamole, Chips, Tomato and Onion Salad with Parsly, Pasta with Sundried Middle Eastern Marinara Dinners: Mushroom Ranch Burgers, More Spicy Bean Lettuce Wraps (can’t get enuf of this right now!), BBQ Chicken Fingers Snacks: Fruits, nuts, seeds, green…

In-Store Special

Reviewing Envirosax® got me thinking about the nature of Nature and groceries; lots of animals keep stores of food, but generally they achieve this a nut at a time, and they don’t tend to rely on the grocery store (funny, right? “Store”…). Thanks to our forebrains, we human primates compartmentalize, delegate and modify the gathering and storing of our food, resulting in the majority depending on the few for sustenance. True across the board these days, btw—I don’t sew my own clothing, engineer my own electronics, or weave my own baskets either.