Anyone remember the old SNL skit in which Will Farrell coins the the term “Scrumtulescent” (meaning beyond amazing)? No? Me either, but, recently apprised of the situation, a new word for “great” made all kinds of sense—mostly because I’m way over blurting out, “awesome,” “incredible” and “sweet,” and as of this moment, have crafted exactly zero acceptable alternatives.

First of all, as a huge fan of made-up words, I welcome any new additions to the family. I’m one of those freaks whose fanatical love of the English language is partially rooted in the (yes, I’m gonna say it) FACT that languages are living entities; they grow and change with, well–growth and change. Somehow, I find that fact unbearably exciting. Expressing experiences in words is generally a pretty impossible task, but sometimes we come pretty close—and sometimes we just need a new, more precise descriptor. Sometimes too, words just run their course and die off.

Back to Will Farrell: Scrumtrulescent. Huh. While this word doesn’t appeal to me personally, I don’t find my preferences for words all that important; they’re just my preferences. What is important is that growth and change are afoot. Awesome (aargh!). Which is why, although I never cozied up to murmuring, “sick” or “tight,” I applauded them from afar.

That new vocabulary often arises out of youth and tech culture is a no brainer (“no brainer’s” time is up, btw, as well as “outside the box”–exit stage left already, both of you). Both youth and the tech industry innovate at the speed of light and both a) need new terms for new those innovations, and b) aren’t stuck in old mindsets, swirling around endlessly in eddies of yawn–thank God. Who doesn’t need a kick in the arse now and then to de-rut?? Language both reflects and informs our paradigms and experiences—why not roll with it and respect transforming language as just another avenue to our own personal evolution and self-expression? Yeah? Spectaculous.