Often soaking and sprouting can seem like a gosh-darned pain, even though the reality of it is that it’s an easy, although maybe not an extremely quick process. But, Crowtégé to the rescue! Here’s a technique I’ve developed to make the process even easier and simpler!

Here it is: before placing your nuts or seeds in their bowl to soak in (filtered!) water, pour them into a nut milk bag. This way, rinsing them is a snap, as you simply remove the entire bag and rinse with the seeds/nuts inside–making it a breeze to do a thorough rinsing (I always disliked this part of soaking). Then, when it’s time to sprout (if you’re doing this part of the process), you can simply hang the nut milk bag over the sink and rinse a 2-3 times daily until sprouted! Really, this makes a big difference and renders the whole process much simpler! If you’ve never soaked and sprouted before, take a look at my lentil sprouting video  here, which explains the process. Soaking and sprouting makes digestion of nuts and seeds MUCH easier, and also increases the protein content while decreasing fats. Remember that while you can buy bags specifically for sprouting, you can also use reusable produce bags (sold at Whole Foods, Target and other places) Live Love!!