Great Tattoo, Jenny!

I feel so lucky to live in Sacramento for a lot of reasons, but a BIG one? I’m only a mile or so from the Natural Foods Co-op, YAY! I’m just gonna let the co-op speak for itself:

~Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op is part of a larger food community that include farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers, shoppers and the Earth. We purchase the highest quality, organically grown produce and emphasize direct buying relationships with local small family farms. We are proud to offer a marketplace for locally grown organic produce and to serve as a link that allows shoppers to support local small family farmers. This supports sustainable agriculture, preserves rural life, protects natural resources and provides our customers with simply delicious food. We encourage you to be a part of the solution by voting with your food dollars for an ecologically sound, economically fair and more peaceful world.~

Yeah. Right?? I love this place. This is like Whole Foods only better, because it’s not 12 acres across, which always feels like a precursor to an anxiety attack. The co-op is small and friendly, and features an entire raw section (what???!! Mmmhmm…). I love that they’ve done the research and the legwork to provide me with local, organic, ethically attained food.

I typically hit only four store sections: produce, raw foods, bulk and cosmetics/supplements, thereby eliminating most of the store and making it a quick trip almost every time due to the compact store design. They also have a Golden 1 ATM (handy), cafe-style eating area, a deli almost always offering at least one raw pre-made item (in addition to the perma salad bar), and a juice/smoothie menu (including fresh wheatgrass).

Prices are what you’d expect—higher than Raley’s or the farmer’s market of course, but when you factor in that they’ve done all your research regarding ethical issues and provided you with top-quality, organic, local food—where do I sign up? Oh wait, I already did! Speaking of:  you don’t have to be a member to shop here, but membership does provide owners with regular discounts (e.g., 15% off case purchases—including sale-priced cases). Employees are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly, and this place feels like my second home. Heart U, Co-op!


My wonderful friend Carey