And just like that, like magic, I am re-inspired. Madly in love with my life, with life, and everything in it. My whole body emitting and resonating only one energy; the amalgamation that is beauty, yes, thank you and I love you all at once.

This morning I lay in my red plaid, flannel-sheeted bed swathed in the coziness of a light rain and my favoritest, fleeciest sweater, the new Elle propped up on my lap, one dog snuggling me in an insistent round scrathe behind my knees and the other a smaller, softer circle on top of the covers. The simplest of mornings. And life is suddenly so beautiful. So golden. Exactly everything at once; I can’t contain my delight. Completely on its own, my face breaks into an impossible-to-repress grin: beauty, yes, thank you, I love you. 

Which is why.




Because it isn’t YOUR inspiration, it is inspiration, the Latin root of which is simply, “God-breathed.”

Inspiration does not belong to you, or even come to you, it IS you.

It is possible to resist, to avert your gaze, to stay dark. It’s possible to miss out on perceiving what’s really there while you’re here. It’s also possible to breathe into, to melt into the dazzlingness that is being alive.

I prefer melt and dazzle; I prefer breathing, I prefer to follow inspiration. Which doesn’t have to mean something big—like quitting the job or moving to France. Sometimes it does mean that. But it also means everything in between: go back to bed, read the magazine, say the thing, snuggle with the dog. Let go of the concept. Embrace the vastness. Honor everything. True aliveness is inspiration, emanating from that open state of in-love-ness with all that is, where we finally perceive that everything is illuminated, rose leafed with gold, from within. It’s the melting. The dissolution. The disillusion.

Though shift in perception has absolutely nothing to do with anything we can do or not do, this is the porthole through which it shows up. So. If you want to go to Oz—and you know you do—then go to Oz!* Follow the yellow brick road. Follow inspiration. Breathe. Just click your heels together and go.

Perception shifts, true to form in the most literal sense. But these aligned moments when we see through to what is really there are so overwhelmingly gorgeous, they’re worth everything. What a Sunday to be alive, my friends. LiveLove&BU

*Spoiler alert: Oz is really about laughingly realizing that all of it was a dream and that you had everything you needed all along, Dorothy. But it’s the going that makes up the adventure that is our lives, no matter what that looks like.


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