We have played God with the Earth, and we have not been kind or just gods. Nope. Instead we’ve wreaked havoc on natural systems, rained suffering and destruction upon other species, created chemicals and materials that cannot decay and populated beyond all reasonable capacity. The habitat we polluted is our own. Devastation is everywhere we look, but we seem not to notice. We seem not to realize that we are the frog in the water being brought slowly to a boil. Beginning to bear the fruits of our labors, we’re distracted from the truth that those fruits are already deformed, withered, cancerous and stillborn. But even that is only a new game. A new obsession. A new distraction: what new “cure,” what new therapy, what accommodation…move to higher ground…

Look, over there!


These minds, created by an evolution of greed–can they ever see beyond themselves? Can they truly understand, as Ram Dass might say, anything meta to their own limited clockwork? The answer lies in stepping out of the mind’s greed and protection paradigm and remembering our hearts. And we can remember, if we choose to do so.

It’s a choice. And an individual one. This means ME. This means YOU.


The question is, will we turn off the televisions, block out the advertisements, withdraw from the sparkle, the shiny, the spinning tops, become quiet and remember how to think from our hearts again?

We have devastated not only our world, but ourselves. The kind of heartless violence we enact with cold, drone-like precision on others does not come without the cost of first shredding our own hearts in self-violence. Where is the compassion? Where is the kindness? The joy. Where is the love? Though the war is now world-wide, the peace, the solution, the anti-venom must come from individuals, must come from each of us making conscious decisions to STOP. To ever see any healing for the whole, we must begin, as individual cells of the entire organism, to pause. To get quiet. To remember who we are.

We must stop the internal aggression with which we wreak havoc on our own bodies, hearts and souls. THEN and only then will we  begin to see a shift in the world around us.


It starts with us. It starts with ME. Healing starts here, now.

How is this done, and what does it mean? It means we sit down, we stop yelling, we stop pointing fingers and blaming, and we start looking within. We start to heal our own wounds. We start to be willing to sit with ourselves and with what we find there. To allow it. With kindness, with patience. With complete acceptance. With love. We literally sit. Sit by the ocean, by a tree. Sit in your living room, on your couch, in a chair, lay down on the grass, on the floor, on your bed. Just STOP. Stop placing all of your attention on all of the spinning distraction that’s happening inside–see it, breathe it, be the space where it occurs. Start breathing. Start remembering your own heartbeat. Allow the inner detoxification that must occur, allowing the pus to drain.

Start listening to your body and respecting it. Start noticing that we are finely tuned organisms that instruct us at perfect times when and what to eat, when to stop eating, when to exercise, when to rest. Start remembering how to self-regulate. Begin to treat your body and your self with kindness. Begin to notice your feelings–not just the reactive emotions that toss us from here to there all day long and derive from and only serve as further distractions–but the feelings that emanate from stillness. Act on those feelings. On inspirations. You’ll notice that they urge you to reach out a hand, to say a kind word, to create, and to help. That helping starts within. It starts with simply getting quiet, getting out of your own way and allowing what’s there to simply be. It starts there first.

Self-less does not mean denying who you are; quite the opposite. It means ego-less. It means acting from what’s deeper than “what’s in it for me.” Be brave enough to find out what’s there underneath the BS.

Please. If not for yourself, then for your children, or for the other species who we have forced human dependence upon, or for… whatever might make you care again. Please turn to yourself, get quiet, find out who you really are, and stop with the bullshit (this is me talking to me on all planes). The focusing on the distractions must cease if we are to save our own flipping day, let alone our species, other species or our world. Then and only then will we find the peace, the love we cultivate inside mirrored on the outside. If we are, collectively, to see beyond the gel nail polish on our own fingertips or the Happy Meal in front of our own overstuffed faces, we need to get real. To stop being fake. To remember. It starts with me. It starts with you. YOU are the dream. LiveLove&BU

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