After a short hiatus, our local raw, gluten-free cafe, The Green Boheme, on Del Paso Blvd, opens it’s doors again with a fresh look, a new chef, faster service and a newish concept: grab-and-go with a constantly rotating menu of delicious meals and treats! Though TGB always featured grab-and-go as an option for cafe patrons, now Chef Brooke brings this option to the forefront as the cafe’s new MO. The menu changes frequently, and as always, is synchronized with local, seasonal, organic selections. YUM!

Finally having kicked a cold but short on food ideas, actual food and energy after languishing in Gross Sick Land (located only a short distance from Crazy Cabin Fever Town) for several days, I headed over to TGB last night (a quick 10 minute drive from downtown) as much for the friendly conversation as for the tasty food. As usual, I was not disappointed by either. Arranged in a new, efficient way, the cafe retains the clean, homey feel I love, knowledgeable, friendly staff and fresh, healthy food options. I was greeted by Chef John (new to TGB, formerly Executive Chef at Enotria), and his fiance Keyonne (who cheerily takes orders and runs the register), and their beautiful baby girl. We all chatted while John made my fresh food (I ordered dinner and dessert and then took two more items to go: the Wellness Burger and the Butternut Burger, both of which are always amazing, with zesty condiments and colorful baby greens/beet/pecan/blueberry/fig salad—divine—included). John and Keyonne kept me entertained while I happily munched my yummy fig-pesto pizza in-house (you can still sit at a table and eat inside the cafe or out at the sidewalk seating). Delicious and filling, and just what I needed to keep my immune system on track!

I’ve loved Brooke ever since I met her in Davis at a Co op-sponsored raw food prep class where I learned to make raw eggnog—WOW. I relied on her creations when I first went raw vegan over two years ago, stocking up on nutritious cuisine from her kitchen-only start-up across from the Sacramento Co op—she was great inspiration and support for someone—me—who had no idea what they were doing or how to do it while I slowly began to pick up recipes and new food prep skills. ┬áSo when Brooke opened TGB on Del Paso Blvd over a year and a half ago, I was overjoyed! While other restaurants come and go, TGB continues to stand the test of time, even in this economy, and in the slightly-less-than-upscale neighborhood, which speaks volumes about the need for healthy, good food in Sacramento. While a few vegan option restaurants exist, TGB remains the only raw eatery in Sacramento.

Don’t let the neighborhood deter you–the cafe is bright, cute, clean and the food is wonderful! I left last night with a full stomach, a happy heart and dinners for the next two nights (when I’m under the weather, the last thing I want to think about is grocery shopping and preparing food), including a berry cobbler on the menu this week that’s INcredible. I claim that raw desserts are the best deserts of ANY cuisine, hands down, and this cobbler is certainly no exception.

If you were kept away previously by the long wait for service, cancel that, because service is now extremely quick. Thanks Brooke and staff for continuing to bend like a willow and adjust, reinvent and bring creative solutions to a city that loves, needs, and appreciates your skills and knowledge!!! And most of all, thanks for the amazing FOOD!!!

Check out Brooke’s link here, and sign up for the newsletter for weekly updates on menu, classes and raw food challenges. Enjoy!

Cafe Hours

Thursday – Sunday11:00am ’til 8pm

1825 Del Paso Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95815between Arden & El Camino916.920.4278
Items range in price but a dinner will cost you somewhere around $13 (more with a smoothie or drink and dessert)–a deal for the quality of food here!