Flying along for just about a year now, Crowtégé.com is doing well in a quiet way, and I’m happy with it; I love writing blog posts and making videos about the topics and issues that matter so much to me, and I LOVE reading and responding to your comments. Now that I’ll be writing for the Sacramento Press as a cross-post adventure, I’m even more stoked! Over this year, I began interacting with so many others with the same or very similar core interests as a result of running this site–and noticed that so many of our interests were connected to each other for a greater good, but that we were each just little universes unto ourselves out in the wide wide world of the internet.

I felt that if there was a user-friendly venue, a place to congregate, that we could all be connecting more, and supporting each others efforts in a bigger way.  So many people out there are doing so many wonderful things that benefit all of us–a LOT of people are interested in and longing for impact in the Healing-Ourselves-and-the-Planet realm. I wanted to connect us all! I wanted you all to have more of a voice than a comment at the bottom of a blog post! I envisioned LOTS of people discussing every healing issue under the sun: organizing protests against animal abuses, starting discussion threads on Autism, asking for resources from each other about getting in shape, portals to vendors who not only offered their earth-happy products and services, but mentored, offering their expertise and vision to all on the network as well…it really is endless…and just like that, Crowalition was hatched.

Crowalition is based in all the same principles that Crowtégé springs from: healing any part of us or the world “out there” helps everyone–a cumulative effect–and that learning from nature how to live our lives sustainably is the obvious road to a sustainable future for ourselves, and thus, for the planet. We are all Important Parts of a Whole. With a social network, we can learn from and support each other, as well. And now, with the two sites linking up very very soon, I’m excited to continue to talk about topics I love in the context of a Bigger Picture.

I’ve already sent out a post describing the site (check here if you missed it), so I’ll just give a quick recap here: is social networking for Stuff That Matters. Period.

I encourage, suggest, entreat and ask that you check out the site, join if it’s your thing, and pass the word on!* Please spread the love. I submit that the true meaning of Social Networking is about connecting with each other and forming community–face-to-face as well as online. It can be about business, it can be purely social, and it can also be about Healing the World. Please be a part of and help make it a booming, thriving community of caring people supporting each other in making our world a better place for all of us!!! Live Love–thank you all!!!

*If  you know of anyone who would like to be a Mentor/Vendor on the site, it’s super cheap, and they could get in on the ground floor of something really inspiring! They would also be helping support my ability to spread the word even more, in addition to improving the site as we go. Have them contact me at or message me here or on Thank you!