In light of what I can only describe as the “Epiphany of Love” that hit me the other night: my life is an alignment with Love in all ways—Connecticut.

It’s never that we ignore or put some stupid “positive” happy spin on events like this, looking for “the silver lining.” No. We respect. We witness. Love requires of us that we Live, understanding at all times that we all lose everything we know in this physical world, sooner or later. Love requires that we endure and witness loss after loss. Love requires not that we, “buck up,” “put on a stiff upper lip,” or “walk on the sunny side of the street;” Love requires of us that we See, Breathe, Acknowledge, Hear and Be Present. Connecticut.

I heard a speaker recently state that when tragedy occurs, we don’t really feel it ourselves unless we’re personally involved; we simply think, “wow, that could have been me or someone I love,” and that is where the grief comes from. I couldn’t disagree more. Connecticut.

The tiny child of one of my high school friends passed away this week, and though I’ve not spoken with her mother since high school, never met her father or the infant herself, and only know about her from FB posts, with the news of her passing, I deeply felt what could only be but a tiny portion of the grief the family must be going through, and grief for the baby herself, gazing so wisely at her mother in a photo. Connecticut.

This grief we feel for others is not merely a selfish fear-impulse—it is our humanity. Yes, we will all disappear from this realm—none of us are spared that. And yes, horribly saddening events happen around the world, continuously; necessarily, we cannot grieve everything, all the time—that is not our purpose, nor would it benefit anything or anyone if we did. However, sometimes we feel a stranger’s pain in our own body, our own soul, because we are each other, and really, none of us are strangers. Dependent upon each other and made of the same stardust, we all share the same breath. Connecticut.

Love requires from us, in the aftermath of Connecticut, what it requires of us always; presence, the bravery to truly see with open eyes, acknowledgment, an understanding, a nod that says,

I see you and I breathe with you. I am with you, and we are all here together.

This is Love.

We see you, and we breathe your breath, Connecticut. Love.