Thursday, I sort of had a bad day. Honestly, when I reviewed the week, I noticed I’d stepped on several grenades and understood why, by Friday, I felt angry and sapped. And that’s when it happened. I just gave in. I listened to myself in horror (minor horror, but still) as I piteously relayed my woes of the week first to one friend and then another (poor friends!), watching helplessly as I tripped further and further down this dark, cold, damp path of waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. Picture Snow White walking in the forest, darkness falling around her, trees reaching out to tangle her in their sadistic roots and branches…


Suddenly, I’d had enough. Who was this woman, complaining and sad-sacking about in a sea of unnecessary drama?!  I’d forgotten, for a while, who I really am. And then I remembered. Snap. I released my clenched grip on the receiver and apologized sincerely to my friend on the other end of the line. Sitting on my bed, I thought, “this is a time to show myself kindness.” I honest-to-goodness self-hugged and took a deep breath. And it all melted away. I breathed in the present moment, felt the energy vibrating through my body, and simply dropped the BS.

What happened? For a little while, I’d forgotten, and I’d bought into the illusion of lack and separation. I’d bought into the facade of this life, of problems and issues, and forgotten that I am Love, period. I’d bought into the human crap. Because, well, I’m human. As soon as I remembered the truth—I dropped the misunderstandings. It was so simple. Easy. No drama, no beating myself up, no regret or deep, probing analysis. Simply dropped it. Just like that. Like a backdrop dropping onto the stage floor after a play is over. The play was over. Sigh of relief…and…Scene! LiveLove&BU

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