Christy Harden

My continuing journey from spiritual and physical disconnection and resulting illnesses to vibrant health and real, connected experience prompts me to write, write, write about this guided process of re-membering my life. And…I have a new book! The Brush Fires Essays is in my favorite medium (essays) and, in my best writing, chronicles my own personal (and never linear or fixed) pilgrimage to Here. After a long sojourn to publication, I’m so excited to see it finally emerge into form! I hope you enjoy the very personal expressions of my experience in this new book.

This is Raw: Winning the War on Health by Awakening to True Self

Within the context of spiritual awakening, This is Raw: Winning the War on Health by Awakening to True Self unmasks the modern wasteland of the Food Industrial Complex and outlines a battle plan to winning the very real war on health by returning to the wisdom of the Earth and of the True Self.


My Personal Spiritual Pilgrimage to Here

The Brush Fires Essays: Modern Examinations of Consciousness in Form

The Brush Fires Essays: Modern Examinations of Consciousness in Form first appeared as blog posts on christyharden.com. In a highly personal way, these pieces, ranging from brief commentaries to deeply introspective discoveries, chronicle the expanding awareness of BEing, or as Alan Watts might put it, an “aperture of consciousness” in the field. The pilgrimage to Here, from disconnection to an experience of ever-intensifying vibrancy and freedom is rarely a linear one, and is reflected here in razings, wakings, re-memberings, rebirths and reemergences into Life.

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Like a lot of people, I wanted, more than anything else in the entire universe, to live a life of passion and purpose and meaning–the problem was, I had no idea what that meant for me or where to go to find out! I spent the next 15 years of my life discovering those answers for myself–and then putting them down on paper so that others could get back in touch with their own Inner Voices and live the lives of THEIR dreams! What a fantastic treasure hunt!!  I’m enjoying this journey, deepening my awareness of who I really am and living out that freedom and love in my life. I hope you enjoy my books –I enjoyed writing them and sharing my life and my experiences, along with the practices that led me into deep connection with myself and to the life of my dreams. They can lead you there too.



I Heart Raw

The cleanliness, simplicity and pure transformative power of raw vegan food is a powerful ally in a return to optimal health on all levels. “This book is about so much more than how to make a green smoothie. This book is about empowerment. It’s about authenticity. It’s about transformation and it’s about love. In a very real way, it’s about revolution. This book is not a cookbook, although I do provide you with everything you need to get started, including simple meal structures you can get creative with or use as-is, as well as some fantastic recipes. I show you how to make the all of my raw food basics in the context in which I believe they belong: a return to wholeness.

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What People are Saying

“I’m here to testify, brothers and sisters. This is the book I wish I’d had twelve years ago. No, make that the book I wished I’d had fifty years ago. I ate the Standard American Diet for 50+ years until my body started breaking down. My daughter was only six years old, and I wanted to see her graduate from college. For two years I read every nutrition book I could find, and the best of the best recommended EXACTLY the regimen that Christy Harden suggests. I follow Christy’s diet and I’ve never been healthier. This friendly, helpful straight-from-the-heart book has it all: why you should shift your diet and how you can make that shift. If you want to add 20-30 years to your life, if you want to feel great, if you want build your body up with the foods that it craves instead of the toxins that tear it down — buy Christy’s book, read it, and do what she says. When you’ve made the shift, you’ll wonder what took you so long. ”

– Karl

Must Get for Raw Lifestyle! This book has simplified my new lifestyle. I went raw in April and I have been researching and reading on being on a Raw lifestyle. When I got this book and read it, it changed my life completely. I have been able to understand what I need while eating and living raw. it has made it so easy much easier. I have tried several of the recipes and also bought other equipment per the recommendation. I now soak my nuts and dry them and this has also made me enjoy them more and they go a long way. Thanks, Christy for sharing so openly and making me fall in love with this journey of being raw.


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Guided by Your Own Stars

In order to live your dreams, you first need to know what they are. Any number of books will direct you to “live the life of your dreams,” but what if you don’t know what those dreams are? Guided by Your Own Stars shows you, step by step, how to quiet the chaos and connect with your own intuitive knowing – the Inner Voice – to rediscover yourself and your dreams. Use the blueprint in Guided by Your Own Stars to reconnect with your true essence and live a life of authenticity and joy. This is your invitation to turn everything around, to get back to what matters to you, and to truly live your life.

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What People are Saying

“This book will help inspire you to live rather than just merely exist. Ms. Harden’s energy and enthusiasm for life is contagious, and she challenges readers to search their souls and reconnect with dreams we may have buried long ago. She gives great tips on maintaining good energy and how to avoid being depleted by the more mundane details of our lives, to where we forget that we have a creative side to our personality that wants to break free and embrace positive action and change.  I would highly recommend “Guided By Your Own Stars” to anyone who needs to recharge and reconnect with your passions in life. Can’t wait to read Ms. Harden’s next book!


“I found this to be an easy read and many of the recommendations were very helpful. Included in the book was a doable method for processing uncomfortable feelings via the “acceptance process”, suggestions on how to hone in on what activities and people leave you energized or depleted leading to a better personal understanding of where your true hearts delight fall. For me the book helped me reconnect with my love of drawing and I am now exploring a whole new world of sculpture with paper mache. This book helped me better understand what brings real joy in my life. Its not a cure for modern living and does not purport to be but I did find it to be a good guide for connecting with the people and activities that help connect me with my inner guide”

– Christina

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