Benefits of Raw Food Link:

This is simply a link to Planet Raw’s site, where they do an admirable job of describing the many benefits of a raw food diet. Check it out here:


Protein on a Raw Foods Diet:

In our society, we’ve been programmed by marketing and myth to be extremely tuned into protein in our diets. It’s not that protein isn’t important, it’s just that we’ve been sold a bill of goods about our actual protein requirements. Protein deficiency in developed countries is virtually unheard of, and not because everyone eats meat; they don’t.┬áThis next link answers a lot of questions and is a good place to start. If you go raw, I guarantee you will be asked nonstop, “but where do you get your protein?” Now you’ll have some answers for yourself and for those who pepper you with questions. I also recommend reading The China Study, which completely changed my highly-ingrained but incorrect ideas about protein. This link is a good place to start: