Don’t ever let fear turn you away from your playful heart.

–Jim Carrey

Here’s the thing: our playful hearts (our true selves) are under there, patiently waiting for us to play. Even when we feel at our lowest, our most fearful, our most stuck. At our most heartsick, anxious and confused. Even and maybe especially, as Mr. Carrey points out, when we think what we’re doing is what’s Practical. That one’s a killer.

Practicality will rip out your soul in exchange for quiet desperation. Don’t F with me, Practicality.


Fear is like MSG; it’s got a lot of alias’ (alii?) so that it’s difficult to identify when it’s trying to screw us. Fear tries to keep us “safe”, but in the process turns us away from that playful heart, where are all of our gifts and joy live. Here are a few of fear’s alibis:

  • The Practical Thing
  • The Smart Idea
  • The Thing We Do (it’s just what we do)
  • Consensus
  • Normal
  • Acceptable
  • Team Player
  • Nice
  • Sweet
  • Agreeable
  • Easy-going

Do you want to be nice? Or do you want to be adventurous (you can always be kind as well!)? Do you want to be a team player? Or do you want to sing your own song and give YOUR gifts (you can still co-create cooperatively with others, for Pete’s sake)?

I know my answer.

I also know that, although I experience my life as Free for the most part, that if we’re not what Eckhart Tolle calls “the ever alert guardian of (y)our inner space”, that fear, in any one of it’s super-believable disguises, can sneak back in in extra-stealthy ways. And man, does it know our weak spots.


If we don’t stay connected to ourselves and clear space to get to know who we are (and to hear the constant stream of thoughts as just a situation, not a problem and not US), we’re liable to fall for any number of fear’s ploys that seem like a good idea at the time.

Fear keeps us circling the drain, cupcake, instead of flying.

The antidote: Meditation–a willingness to sit with ourselves, to see and feel the truth and be self-honest and to see our identities for what they are: scratching, clawing tricksters whose currency is fear and whose method is bargaining with our own hearts. And this: practice allowing but removing attention from judgement of that identity and everything else. Practice BEing the truth of who we are: Love.

But stepping into the unknown is undeniably scary for the ego, who knows only the past. And my ego is freaking furious on some level right now, because I’m taking new leaps.


I let go of my commercial acting agent this week, and there’s more to come. It’s exhilarating and exciting and bleeping scary at moments too.

Like me, if you know you have more to give, expansion to expand into or a heart opening that feels terrifying, that’s ok. That’s fantastic!! Let’s do this. Let’s leap together.


There’s this beautiful opportunity to live the truth of who we are through our bodies and actions, allow lives of love and joy to support us, and to collectively create a world fueled by compassion and understanding rather than by fear and more wall-building. We call it BEING ALIVE. We need this more than ever, and I think it’s pretty clear the world needs this more than ever now too.

Playful heart, I’m with you all the way.


image credit clipartbest