Farmer’s Markets

This is going to be short: shop your local Farmer’s Markets! Not only is the selection of organic, in-season, local produce incredible, but the community experience is heart-healing and fun! My great friend Carey and I hit the Sunday Farmer’s Market here as often as we can, and always enjoy spending time together while we shop in the open air. We invariably come home with great produce at a much reduced rate from the local co op, and I’m often inspired by available ingredients to whip up something I might not have thought of otherwise. Support local farmers! We need them!

I’m a total fox!

Part of my personal journey is loving myself. Now, as my friend Laura pointed out the other day, loving yourself is easy when you’re feeling and looking your best: what’s not to love?! The challenge comes after eight sick days at home alone, thinking you’ll finally feel up to going to the store tomorrow and waking up on the ninth day realizing you were oh-so-terribly-mistaken. Or when you gain 20 pounds, or when your skin breaks out, or when your hair seems better suited to a hyena. Or when you lose your job, or your girlfriend, or your best friend, or your husband.

Beware of Sneaky Crazy

So here’s what I’d like to address in this blog post: Craziness. Not your average kook-on-the-street-yelling-to-himself-mental-illness crazy—but self-induced-food-crazy (SIFC). It can really sneak up on you, take it from me:  I recently had to reel myself back from the brink of SIFC, and it wasn’t a pretty thing. I even learned from my friend Julie that there’s an actual label for SIFC (other than, thank you, SIFC), and it’s a condition called Orthorexia Nervosa —here’s a definition out of Wikipedia: