Urban Wildlife

Sacramento boasts tons of local wildlife. Well, maybe it doesn’t always boast, but I do. I always have my eye out for anything that moves, and a lot of time it’s a fascinating creature (I often see creatures when they’re not there in fact, including the time I thought that a purple cabbage in the bowling alley—-what?!?—was a half a duck—yes, I was sober, don’t ask). If you read my initial welcome post, you know I see lots of animals, birds, fish, insects…lots of friends in this city. I can always reenergize myself by simply looking up from my computer into the trees outside my windows, and if I see a bird (two days ago an enormous hawk landed right outside my kitchen!) or a bug, all the better.

Travel Cooler: NO, this is NOT a diaper bag….sheesh, people

When I get something in my head, I will NOT rest until it is done/found/completed etc. This time, it was the Travel Cooler Question. Since I travel a lot, usually on planes, I’m always bringing snacks and food, but resisted bringing an actual COOLER with me until now. For one, coolers are usually big and bulky and if I check it, well, that’s one less suitcase of clothes I can bring, or else I’ve got to pay to check it, depending on the airline (Southwest, I Heart U, just sayin…). Not to mention the handling of the cooler by airport staff (no offense) might result in unrecognizable food when I got it back, plus I wanted to eat on the plane.