I just fired my agent. I’m done acting. Are you?

I’ve been a model/actor for over a decade. And it was fun. But you know what’s even MORE fun? Being me, 100%. It seems ironic that to simply BE often takes a lot of UNdoing; it can require a lot of UNlearning to remember who we really are and to live an authentic, inspired life.

Do you secretly feel anxiety or sadness when you see any of the following slogans because you don’t actually have the faintest idea what they mean for you? Live your Dreams, Follow your Bliss, Find your Passion or Be Yourself??

Without clarity, we have no access to who we are and no awareness of the lies that keep us circling the drain. Here’s how I support clarity for myself:

  1. Clean foods
  2. Body-driven exercise
  3. Rest and meditation
  4. Inspired supportive internal practices
  5. Taking inspired action

If that rings a bell, let’s talk!


Game On!

As a certified Integrative Health Coach & Raw Lifestyle Consultant, I specialize in guiding individuals and corporate communities back into re-connection with intuitive wisdom and thus into true health and JOY(!) through coaching, classes, programs and trainings. And as Alan Watts so excellently stated, “No work is well and finely done unless it, too, is a form of play.” So. Let’s play. Woo!!!