I fired my agent. I’m done acting and on to ONLY the Real Deal.

I’ve been a model/commercial actor for over a decade. And it was fun. But you know what’s even MORE fun? Being me, 100%. It seems ironic that to simply BE often takes a lot of UNdoing; it can require a lot of UNlearning to remember who we really are and to live an authentic, inspired life.

While living and traveling with my partner, author and transformational leader Kyle Cease, I write books, blog posts, articles etc. about life and about things I love that inspire me.

If you’re on a mission to benefit the environment or human or non-human animals, you’re on my list (and especially if you’re dabbling in the White Art of raw food restauranteur-ship!); write me about what you’re up to and we may just come visit, write you up and get the word out. LiveLove&BU!