Raw Life

It’s not just about the food (but also, everything is food).


As animals who evolved in nature, when we are not living in tune with that nature and with our True Nature, flow is impeded and dis-ease/disease ensues. Healing on all levels requires a return to alignment with natural rhythms and ways of being. Flow can then return and inherently peace, harmony and health may be restored through the wisdom of the body. This elevated state will then be reflected in our relationship with Everything as we graciously assume our humble place as part of the fabric of Life. I combine the magic of reconnection with Real Food, Intuitive Self, and Nature to return us to our birthright of True Health and reawaken our natural awareness of interconnectedness, kinship and fluidity with all of Life.

The cleanliness, simplicity and pure transformative power of raw vegan food is a powerful ally in a return to optimal health on all levels.

“This book is about so much more than how to make a green smoothie. This book is about empowerment. It’s about authenticity. It’s about transformation and it’s about love. In a very real way, it’s about revolution. This book is not a cookbook, although I do provide you with everything you need to get started, including simple meal structures you can get creative with or use as-is, as well as some fantastic recipes.

I show you how to make the all of  my raw food basics in the context in which I believe they belong: a return to wholeness.