When was the last time you felt truly Alive?

Were you 5 years old, playing in the mud? 15 and rocking out to your favorite band? 27, hiking through Europe?

How about now?

How often are you aware of the vibrancy of being that is YOU?  Reconnect with who you really are & free yourself from who you thought you were, but aren’t. What if none of the beliefs you held about yourself were true? What if you were not your past? What if you understood that you were completely free, now? Ready to go there??? 

Game On!

As a certified Integrative Health Coach & Raw Lifestyle Consultant, I specialize in guiding individuals and corporate communities back into re-connection with intuitive wisdom and thus into true health and JOY(!) through coaching, classes, programs and trainings. And as Alan Watts so excellently stated, “No work is well and finely done unless it, too, is a form of play.” So. Let’s play. Woo!!!